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Forms Of Payment

The cleaning of clock movements is provided only as part of a restoration or overhaul of the movement. Simple cleaning of the movement does not account for wear, broken parts or poor prior repairs.

We do not perform partial repairs in order to increase the value of a faulty clock for a quick sale or auction.

Conservator cleaning methods utilizing mechanical methods in lieu of chemical cleaners, are available at additional charge.

We are not certified to do appraisals, However, we can supply a written, Opinion of Value, for estate items at our house call rate.

Cash or check

Movement overhaul procedure.

Sorry, no watch repairs of any kind.

Service and Repair Policy

508-764-1060 - Please call for an apponitment  - Closed Sundays and major holidays

​  Len's Clock Clinic​​

!. Removal and examination of the movement.

2. Disaasembly of the movement

3. Ultrasonically clean the movement

4. Polish pivots, wheels and plates

5. Re-bush plates where needed

6. Repair other parts as needed

7. In mainspring driven clocks, clean, inspect, lubricate the spring(s). or replace if needed

8. Ultrasonically clean a seond time

9. Reassemble and adjust the movement.

10. Oil and grease only where needed, using the best lubes available

11. Test run the movement two weeks.

12. Address any issues with the case.

13. Return the movement to the case

14. Test run an additional two weeks while regualting the time keeping

NOTE: Mechanical clocks usually require additional regulating in the home by the clock owner.