Len Lataille,

clocksmith -  horologist

 We stand behind our work and guaranty full restorations and overhauls for a period of One Year.

Abuse of the clock and accidental damages are not included.

No clock goes back home until the repairman is confident that with proper set-up in the owner's home, the repair has been completed successfully and that the clock will run dependably. 

Thank you for considering Len's Clock Clinic as your source of quality service for your clock.

         Electric to Quartz conversion


                   electric                  quartz

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​  Len's Clock Clinic​​

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Benefits of a quartz (battery) conversions:

No ugly power cord .Hangs anywhere. No outlet required. Not interrupted by power failures

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  Do you have a favorite battery (quartz) clock like those above, that does not work? Perhaps it is a handmade keepsake from a special person? Or maybe it just fits well in your home.

  Yes, you could buy a new clock, but it would not have that special meaning. Before you toss that memento, give us a try. 

  In many cases we are able to restore life to that cherished part of your home.Type your paragraph here.

Quality Clock Repair

 Bringing Clocks Back to Good Health,

Since 1987

508-764-1060 - Please call for an apponitment  - Closed Sundays and major holidays

Serving the Southbridge, Massachusetts area, as well as South-Central Worcester County, and Northeast Connecticut


Len's Clock Clinic, is a full time facility  located in Southbridge , Massachusetts, devoted to the repair and restoration of antique and modern clocks. ​ Our service area  consists of the South-Central Massachusetts and  the Northeast Connecticut areas.


Insured - Confidential -  30 Year Member  of the NAWCC 

Thirty-two years of experience allows us to repair a wide variety of clocks.​

​We repair many types of antique, as well as modern clocks, including cuckoo clocks, quartz-battery clocks, and more.

Mechanical clocks made by, Ansonia, Ingraham, Sessions, Welch, Waltham, Seth Thomas, Waterbury, New Haven, Sessions, Gilbert and many others.

​Clocks of American, English, German, and French origin, and other countries as well.

Where possible, we will convert electric powered clocks to the safer and more convenient, quartz movement.

​​House calls are available for grandfather and grandmother clocks.

     We do pick-up and delivery of small clocks, for shut-ins and seniors.